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Review Round-up

As you might reasonably assume from our status as the #1 bestseller for August's issue over at Weightless Books, people are really enjoying our stories. And have you seen the cover art by Milan Jaram? Sublime. I thought it fitting however to consolidate some of the great things people are saying about our September issue, however. You know, just in case being a bestseller wasn't quite convincing enough. 

Andrea Johnson of the Little Red Reviewer summarizes the issue with the following:

"In these stories there is that nostalgic feeling of stories that focused on ideas and exploration and how technology will help us reach our dreams in the stars."

You can read the rest of her breakdown right here. 

Joe Frazier over at Joe's Geek Fest has a few words he'd like to say as well:

"While the first issue was good, each issue has gotten progressively better to the point where September’s can go head-to-head with the most established SciFi magazines; the stories are consistently excellent throughout the magazine."

We also have some unsolicited feedback on Amazon. Earl C. Clark writes: "Worth it for 'Pancakes' alone ... I'm still reading through the rest of it, but based on the first story alone (I'm a bit biased, so see below) I can wholeheartedly recommend this." 

MKR adds: "...the quality of the stories makes the emotional commitment worthwhile.There are seven stories in this issue, and I didn't dislike any of them. As such, it's hard to pick a favorite..."

Now, while not part of our September issue, Charlotte Ashley over at Apex Magazine recently took an in-depth look at William Delman's "The Cure" and while you should absolutely read her analysis in its entirety, she poignantly notes:

"...Delman has done a wonderful job of building a place and a family which, though dysfunctional, still carries with it weight and obligation. History and circumstances come with baggage that nothing can wipe away." 

As a reminder, we still have some pretty cool prizes to give away to folks for helping us secure the #1 spot at Weightless last month. We're expanding our criteria a bit for handing out prizes, though. You can snag yourself one if you can just email proof to [email protected] that you grabbed a copy of August's issue last month, but you can also get in on the sweet giveaway if you show us you've subscribed this month. Thanks again for your support!


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