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Officially a bestseller, December's issue now available.

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Achievement unlocked: #1 Bestseller status

After only five months of publication, Bastion Science Fiction Magazine has clawed its way to the top of the bestseller list over at Weightless Books! Here's a quick review of our progression:

Issue 2 - May, 2014: #5 bestseller
Issue 3 - June, 2014: #3
Issue 4 - July, 2014: #2 
Issue 5 - August, 2014: #1

We were also the #5 bestseller in August for monthly subscriptions. Check out the official word from Weightless right here. 

As a huge thank you to our supporters and fans, we're going to be giving away three 8x10 retro science fiction posters from the IndellibleInkWorkshop on Etsy. They run a fine operation over there, having helped us with some of our advertising imagery, and come out with some really slick art. The three prints we'll be giving away are below. In order to receive a print, all you have to do is email proof that you bought a copy of August's issue last month along with your mailing address to [email protected]. Three people will be chosen at random. 

Here are the prints we're giving away:

Will we do something similar if we retain the #1 position this month? We just might. So if you'd like a sweet poster but aren't selected this month, there's nothing stopping you from picking up a copy of September's issue and trying again!

Again, a huge huge thank you to all of our supporters, whether you've bought an issue this month, three months ago, or have just helped us spread the word, it means a great deal to everyone here at Bastion. Your contributions (in any form) go directly to supporting our authors and help us put out great science fiction. 

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