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September's issue, now available

The end of summer is within sight, but Bastion and our staffers are just getting started. Our sixth issue is of course now available, and if you're the sort to enjoy a good read and an easy afternoon grill for your Labor Day, then you're in luck. We've worked hard throughout August to make sure this issue is really special, as we do every month, and I think we're right on the mark for this one. September's issue brings you the following:

“Death Wears Yellow” by J.C. Davis
“The Custody of Memory” by Paul Hamilton
“Debugging the Ghosts” by Damien Krsteski
“The Last Lawsuit” by Maggie Clark
“The Long, Slow War” by Stephanie Herman
“The Loop” by James Hart
“Pancakes” by John Herman

I'd like to extend our deepest thanks to each author who truly have written some very moving pieces here with all the care and thought that our readers have come to expect. Additionally, our staff have done a tremendous effort with everything from slush reading and social outreach to editorial assistance. Alexis A. Hunter joins the team as a slush reader and we're very grateful to have her on board, as she adds a fantastic measure of thoughtful insight and careful analysis to each story reviewed. 

We're working on a number of reviews for this September issue and as soon as those are made available, of course we'll be providing them here and on our various social media outlets. Enjoy your holiday, and thanks for reading. 

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