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Hi folks,

Personal issues in the lives of our staff have caused Bastion to have to put a hold on things. We're not doing any silly good-byes because, as the title of this news update suggests, this is temporary. When we are able to resume our normal publication schedule, we'll update the site and let everyone know. Thanks for your support and patience. 

Season 1, Episode 9: December's Issue

Horray for Christmas! Having previously lived in Rochester, NY for much of my life, I'm also well accustomed to snow, and I pity every single one of you who still have to deal with the stuff. Now that I'm in Seattle, my days of scraping the inside of my windshield or dealing with ice, wet socks, and a cold that gets into your bones, are long over. That doesn't mean that Bastion isn't thinking of you, though. Naturally, the only recourse is to stay inside where it's warm and bundle up with some good science fiction. 

This month features the following: 

"Mr. Cicada," by Garrick Fincham
"The Junkman," by Nicholas Stillman
"Koi," by Jes Rausch
"Diaspora," by Daniel Rosen
"On a Frail Branch Bending," by Kaitlin McCloughan
"There Was a Crash," by Izmaire Todd
"Adiophoria," by William B. Squirrell

Our featured story this month, which you can read for free of course, is Daniel Rosen's "Diaspora." The magnificent T. Grace does a reading as well, which you can listen to below. It is so, so good. Seriously. Don't forget that we syndicate these readings each month to our podcast, so make sure you subscribe!

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