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Officially a bestseller, December's issue now available.

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Season 1, Episode 5: August's issue now available

Things are really starting to click for Bastion and the work we've been doing. The fact that we've climbed from the #5 bestseller in May to #4 the next month (and hopefully #3 for this month, fingers crossed), combined with the explosion in traffic statistics for the site and raving reviews we keep receiving, is proof that we're not just a flash in the pan. We also have some huge projects in the works. Secret stuff I can't get into just yet. Take my word for it though when I tell you: what we're working on is absolutely unique. You haven't seen anything like it before, full stop. Stay tuned for details.

This has been such a fun month, and this issue really stands out in so many ways, to take absolutely nothing from the previous ones we've published. 

We're starting things out with an early review from Alexis A. Hunter, which you can find here. She summarizes:

"You probably already know how much I enjoyed this issue.  I think that’s pretty clear in my review.  I tried to be as objective as possible, tried to find things to balance my enthusiasm for these stories.  Overall, they’re an extremely well written bunch of stories, and well edited too.  There wasn’t one story I didn’t like, a surprise, as most magazines tend to be hit or miss at times.
I really enjoyed the great representation with characters–gay, straight, female, male, and a few slightly older protagonists as well.  It’s delightfully refreshing to see the world through eyes that are not quite so similar to my own."

Clearly, there's something in this issue for everyone. As Alexis is a slush reader for Plasma Frequency Magazine besides being a writer/reader/reviewer herself, she very clearly knows a good story when she sees one, so her positive comments here really do have weight. 

This month's theme (quite unintentionally, but I maintain that the balance of this issue is outstanding regardless) is of consequences. No punches are being pulled, and there are certainly some stories in here that you're just going to have to reread before you get it all, but you're going to love it every single time. Don't take my word for it though. Check out the contents, plus a sample story, and find the appropriate links to pick up a copy over at our Current Issue page.