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What's better than a new issue of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine? Not many things. Well, the World Cup. Maybe. But you're here, and not watching the United States beat up on Belgium, which can mean only one thing: picking up the latest copy of our phenomenal magazine is all that's on your mind. We're okay with that.

Oh man do we have some stunners lined up for you! Robert Quinlivan picks up where Stephen King left off with Red Rubber Nose, terrifying us in ways It didn't. What are warm summer nights for though if not for dreaming? In Abandoned by Hannah Goodwin, you'll find out how to cherish those dreams. Sometimes though, if you want to move on, it's best to forget, one way or another, as Axel Taiari advises through Degausser...but can you ever run from that sort of thing? Can you ever set aside the need to know about what the end is like, even when logically compelled? Peter Medeiros' Forever Lights will press for the truth. Speaking of truth, you'll find that yours may differ from mine, in Remember Prometheus by Eleanor R. Wood, but you'd better be ready to have your faith tested. In The Properties of Water by Alex Hernandez, the traditional understanding of familial bonds is tested. How does the heart move forward when biology and society stand in the way? Finally, George S. Walker's The Maltese Pterodactyl shows us what real monsters look like. 

At the end of the day, there's only so much you can tell about a story in a short blurb. How do you compress 1,000 - 5,000 words of the strange and fantastic into one sentence? Well, you don't. I've done a disservice to these outstanding works of fiction. My advice? Stop reading this and go start reading that.