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Summer is finally here, after a long and particularly dark winter, and I can't think of a more relaxing summer afternoon than reading off the porch, my trusty Paperwhite in one hand and a Hofbräu hefeweizen in the other. This month we're bringing you the following:

"Two Gentlemen" by Kurt Bachard 
"Past Imperfect" by Dominic Dulley 
"The Tree" by Benjamin Sperduto 
"Miracle of Asteroid Camp 88" by Michael Andre-Driussi 
"Bartleby, the Robot Killer: A Story of Difference Street" by Alex Livingston 
"Compile Sensory Information and Extrapolate" by Jenna Bilbrey 
"The Broken Places" by Melanie Marttila

If you read May's issue (of course you have), you may have noted a theme called out in my editorial about life, and reflection. It was a more somber issue, I think. As is appropriate for a warm summer season with budding flowers and birds and everything else that grows new, June's issue is more lighthearted and bright, as you'll see. I recommend an iced tea pairing, or maybe an Anchor Steam, if you're fortunate enough to have it locally stocked.

Of course, we'll be taking time to spotlight each author on our Twitter and Facebook pages which will include links for how to either reach these folks directly through their Twitter accounts or blogs, or how to read more of their work wherever else they may publish. Of course, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find such updates, and happy reading.