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May's issue - now available

Good Lord that came up fast. It felt like ages as we were ramping up to the release of April's issue, and now that it's come and gone, May is here and the time is just flying by. I'm proud to announce that May's issue is out, and you can find links to our various vendors on our Current Issue page. April (along with all future issues as they pass) is available on our Previous Issues page. I'd like to give a big thanks to the staff who've helped put together this issue, which really has turned out to be something special:

  • Clear Menser, Assistant Editor. What a huge help he's been since he came on. Eager, motivated, and a great eye for a good story. Clear is quickly becoming my right hand man.
  • Lauren Jane Shipley, Slush Reader. I trust Lauren's judgment and instincts implicitly. Her analysis is always outstanding. She's also doing some good 'ol fashioned leg work to help spread the word around town about Bastion. Can't speak highly enough about her. 
  • Madison Abshire, Slush Reader. Exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough, Madison leaves no stone unturned when going through a story. Her attention to detail and the amount of research I know she puts into her work is something special. 
  • Nick Lazzaro, Slush Reader. Here's another really eager guy, but what I value about Nick above all else is his relentless dedication to quality stories that raise the bar on every level. I'm really pleased to have Nick helping us go through stories, as he has such a fantastic high standard that if he's recommending a story, I know it's a good one. 
  • Gabrielle Vicari, Slush Reader. She's been a lot of fun to have around and I've thoroughly enjoyed debating various pieces with her. Gabrielle is a master at time management, because despite everything else that she has going on, she's always prompt and reliable, and a great asset for analyzing a story. 

There's some exciting stuff coming up in May, and even though I can't get into too many details about some of that right now, as it happens we'll no doubt be updating our site, Twitter, and Facebook pages to let you all know about it. If you haven't picked up a copy of our May issue, go do so now -- it'll knock your socks off.