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State of the Magazine - Donations, Twitter, and Spotlights

The release of April's inaugural issue has gone well, and we've received some very positive feedback. It was a long road leading up to the April 1 release, and we're pleased that our readers have enjoyed it. I'd like to thank everyone who's purchased a copy - your contributions are fed directly back to the authors in the rates we can offer. 

This has been a tremendous learning opportunity for us, and we're constantly making refinements as we go along. We've recently established a twitter account, and if you're not already following us, check it out at where we'll be posting all kinds of fun links and updates - we also welcome interaction from our readers and contributors alike! 

In the remaining couple of weeks until the May 1 issue is released, we're going to be spotlighting each author we'll be publishing (as well as the ones we've published in April's issue) along with a look at the slick cover that Milan Jaram has put together for us. Keep an eye out on our feed for these updates. 

Since May's issue has been filled out, we're still accepting submissions for June, but not for long! If you have a science fiction story that you've put your heart into, then check out our Submissions guidelines and send it our way. 

Finally, I want to highlight that our success depends on building a readership and helping us spread the word about our new publication. If you've already purchased an issue or bought a yearly subscription but still want to help, please consider making a donation. Donors will receive the following:

  • $10: a free copy of the issue for the month you've donated
  • $25: a free copy for that month, plus a one-on-one detailed review of your current work-in-progress from our editor-in-chief 
  • $50+: all of the above, plus a yearly subscription

If you have any other ideas for what you'd like to receive as a donor, we're always welcome to suggestions - you can email us at, tweet us, or send us a note on Facebook

Again, all profits made from sales and donations go directly to our authors. We don't make a single red cent off this effort - it's all for supporting what we love: great science fiction. Thanks for reading, and see you in May.