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Officially a bestseller, December's issue now available.

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"Now, isn't that a thought? Here we are, antibodies of our own galaxy, attacking an invading germ."

After months of planning, reviewing, selecting, editing, and all other sorts of "ings", the inaugural issue of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine is now available. You can pick up a copy from Weightless Books (PDF, .epub, .mobi, plus a yearly subscription), Amazon, or Barnes & Noble - just head over to our Current Issue page for details. Special thanks go out to the following:

  • Michael Peters of for the generous use of Klaus Bürgle's superb work
  • Natalie Holmes for the use of her image for our cover
  • The fantastic staff: Brooke Johnson (Senior Editor), "Zod" (Social), slush readers Krysten Hennig, Clear Menser, Rissy L., Gabrielle Vicari, and Lauren Jane Shipley, as well as the slush readers who have been doing a terrific job preparing us for May's issue - Madison Abshire and Nick Lazzaro
  • Our contributors, who put their heart and souls into their work
  • Family and friends for their wonderful care and support

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. See you in May, and thanks for reading.

R. Leigh Hennig