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Slush Readers Needed and April Status

Due to the incredible amount of submissions received, we're currently seeking slush readers to volunteer their time navigating the terrific stories waiting our attention. If you're interested, please send a note to with answers to the following:

1) What is your experience writing/editing/publishing?
2) What short story magazines do you currently read? 
3) Who are your three favorite authors?
4) What's your favorite Star Trek series?
5) Why do you want to do this?

Readers should be able to review three stories per day and explain in one to two paragraphs why they liked or didn't like the story. Additionally, please note that readers are not eligible to submit to us while going through stories. The position is unpaid, although you will receive a free copy of the magazine as long as you're on board. 

Now, regarding April: this issue is all filled out. We've got some truly strange and fantastic stories that we know you'll love. We're currently filling out May, so keep the stories coming!