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Sweet, sweet melody

We've been quietly slaving away at a new way to engage our fans, and we believe we've come up with just the thing. Each month folks can read our featured story for free (as well as the featured stories for previous months) and thanks to the outstanding efforts of our latest staffer, T. Grace, you'll now be able to listen to them as well. Grace joins Bastion as voiceover specialist, and I think you'll find that her work is nothing short of exceptional. Grace got her start in the world of voice acting after stumbling into a DJ at her college's local radio station in Houston, TX. Since then, she's done vocal work for recording studios and international companies including Sugar Hill Studios, Schlumberger and InterFax. Most recently, Grace enjoys producing relaxation/ASMR videos for 16,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel. Check her out on Facebook as well. 

In addition to being able to stream the recording from our site, you can download the file in .mp3 format, as well as subscribe via iTunes, as each story will be zipped and shot out of an RSS cannon to your podcast subscription shortly after we make it available right here.

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Grace gets us started with a reading of "Good Times" by Alexander Jones from this month's issue, and while not our featured story, throw some headphones on and enjoy it below anyway.