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Bastion now a semi-professional paying market

We started off not being able to pay our contributors for this first April issue. Well, that's changed. As we've stated elsewhere, we know the importance of getting paid for your work. Secondly, our position has always been (and always will be) that we evaluate what we can offer our contributors on a monthly basis. We've updated our rates for our inaugural issue, which will be released April 1. Rates are found on our Submissions page, but to summarize it here, we're offering the following:

$20 flat rate for the first 2,000 words, and then $0.01 per word after that, up to a maximum of $50 per story. Since the maximum word limit that we accept is 5,000 words, this means that no matter what you submit, published authors will receive a minimum of $0.01 per word for their story. Duotrope classifies this as a semi-professional rate, and so do we. If your story comes in at or under 2,000 words, then you're realizing $0.02 per word. 

Please understand that this policy may change for future issues. We'd like to be able to pay more, and perhaps soon we will be able to do so. It may also come about that after April's issue we are forced to pay less. You will always be able to see on our Submissions page exactly what rates we are offering for the upcoming issue. 

As always, specific questions should be directed to