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His mind is a void. It seems, Admiral, that I've got all his marbles.

Bastion Science Fiction Magazine is a new publisher of original short stories seeking to promote the work of as yet unknown authors and established professionals alike. We'll be working hard to bring our readers the very best of the strange and the fantastic on the first of every month. Select works from each issue will also be available here on our site as well. At the end of each year, we'll also be publishing an anthology in both print and digital formats. 

For contributors, our goal is to become a professional market, offering authors professional rates. We understand it will take time to reach this goal. We also understand that it's frustrating to submit a piece and to wait weeks on end to get a response, only to receive a form rejection letter (if anything at all). To that end, the editors do our best to respond meaningfully to each submission within a reasonable amount of time. 

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